Prior to your consultation, you should begin to assemble the following documents for the divorce process:

Living Expenses

Proof of mortgage, rent
Food (approximate cost)
Proof of automobile note and insurance
Clothing (approximate cost)
Transportation costs (Insurance, Fuel, etc)
Medical/Dental Bills (Not Including Insurance Costs)
Additional Living Expenses

Household expenses (approximate cost of cleansers, maintenance, etc.)
Personal grooming (approximate cost)
Proof of Cost of Utilities (Cable, Water, Electric)
Proof of cost of telephone, cell phone

6 months of bank statements
Last year’s W-2, federal tax statement
Year-to-date check stub(s)
Tax returns for last 3 years
Other Expenses:

6 months of credit card statements
Proof of any bank loans
Proof of any other debts to be paid (Macy’s, Bass Pro, Dillards, etc.)
Proof of any educational debts
Proof of any other insurances or notes not listed above